October 31, 2020

Commonwealth Imaging Services

What can we Micro Publish for you?
We can provide all the microfilming services you need. We will carefully film all "original sources", for example

  • Newspapers
  • Birth, Baptismal, Death and Marriage Certificates
  • Ship Passenger Lists
  • Records and Documents
  • Bound Volumes
  • Architectural Drawings

Quality results begin with quality preparations. Our microfilm operators and technicians are experienced in working with materials of any condition. They carefully inspect to ensure every page is present before filming, separate the pages and flatten them with an iron, before methodically filming them with the necessary targets and notices.microfilm

Processing and Duplicating
Our technicians are diligent in their quality control as they adhere to all of the Library of Congress microfilming standards. Only the best microfilm and lab procedures are used in the filming, processing and duplicating processes.

Digital Imaging
We are as excited about digitizing your collection as you are! Adding digitization to our menu of services is a natural for us, as we collaborate with West Canadian's Imaging department to provide the best scanning, conversion and digitization possible. Online access on the internet is the order of the day, and we are proud to deliver!

High Resolution Scanning
Grayscale 400 dpi or greater, 8 bit (ANSI Standards)

Black & White

  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Original Sources (as above)

Delivery of Scanned Images

  • Transfer to FTP site
  • DVD, CD-Rom
  • Hard Drive

Digitizing Newspapers for Searchable Online Access

  • Creation of Archival TIFF images
  • Conversion/OCR to searchable PDF's
  • Page-level or article-level digitization
  • Delivery to repository of host site
  • Collection management