October 31, 2020

Commonwealth Imaging Products


Book Buddy - the "World's Best Book Truck"
We asked librarians for their recommendations and created the Book Buddy! This ergonomic book truck has these features:

  • Strong but LightweightbookBuddy
    • Tubular single frame steel construction
    • Each shelf has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.
    • 6 inch non-marking gray rubber casters with roller bearings and double ball-bearing raceways bolted through the frame
  • Balanced for Stability and Will Not Tip
    • Able to turn on a dime
    • 6 wheel system with middle two wheels positioned to provide easy twisting turning and negotiating of tight corners
    • Maneuverable over obstacles such as elevator thresholds, doorways and carpet ridges
  • Attractive and suitable in any environment - such as public and archives libraries, universities, colleges, public schools and other institutions, law offices, mail rooms, work areas, warehouses, and publishers
  • T-Bar handle for easy pushing
  • Available in three shelf styles - flat, single-sloped and double-sloped
  • Shelf configuration can be customized
  • Rubber mats available to cover shelves
  • Many colours to choose from, and even available in wood finishes

Micrographic Equipment
Microfilm Reader Scanners & Reader Printers from Canon and Minolta. Click Here for details.

Storage Systems
Commonwealth Imaging is a reseller for Russ Bassett Storage Systems


Watch for these future innovative products and solutions:

Adaptive Technology Workstation
This specially designed workstation makes accessing computer and information easier than ever for people with specialized needs. Now they can dictate a letter in MS Word with voice commands, translate a children's story into Braille, read e-mail, or search the Internet using Magnification software, and much more. These workstations feature:

  • Braille display, reader, and printer
  • Alternate keyboard overlays
  • Voice recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking)
  • Screen magnification software (MAGic Magnification)
  • Fully adjustable keyboard and monitor platform
  • Computerized voice that reads on-screen text (JAWS)
  • Advanced spell check, word prediction, and pronunciation software (TextHELP Read and Write)

Library Signage
West Canadian's Sign-Making Department can create any sign you need. Whether it is directional signage, display signage, shelf signage, or even backdrops and posters, we can design and produce just what you need.